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Projects and Partners in R&D

KKL-JNF has partners and friends worldwide who share its vision of advancing harmony between people and their environment in Israel and around the world. As Israel's largest green organization, it initiates projects that have both local and global impact. KKL-JNF offices in countries throughout the world serve as a bridge that creates a global network for protecting the environment and promoting projects in the fields of ecology, water, research and development, forestry, international cooperation, and more. Visitors to Israel from abroad often make a point of visiting projects funded by international friends of KKL-JNF, seeing for themselves how the world is in fact a global community.

We present just a few examples of KKL-JNF projects in research and development, undertaken with the support of its friends and partners worldwide.


Renewable Energy Research Center – Elot Region

United States

The Renewable Energy Center in the desert region promotes cooperative scientific study in the field of green energy, whose findings will benefit Israel and the world.

Water and Environment in the Ambassadors Forest

Finland, Sweden, Norway

KKL-JNF leads the world in desert afforestation and agriculture. The long-term study in this western Negev forest will perfect savannization techniques and asses forest ecosystem services for the benefit of people, Israel and arid land countries.

Northern R&D Station – Use of Shamir Drills Water for Agriculture

Australia, Germany

KKL-JNF is conducting long-term studies at the Northern R&D station to examine the feasibility of using water for agriculture from the Shamir Drills, which access a fossilized aquifer.

Ramat Negev R&D Station – Research to Promote Local Agriculture


Studies focus on new agro-technological methods of raising tomatoes, eggplant and olive species, among others; use of marginal lands and brackish water for crop irrigation; growing suspended strawberries; and producing high quality agricultural products for export.

Yair R&D Station – Research on Organic Bell Peppers


At this desert research station, supported by KKL-JNF, a long-term study on bell pepper cultivation has been undertaken, testing the effects of irrigation regimes, planting substrates and compost application on crop yield.