Feed the Mind, Feed the Body and the Hoaxes of Nutrition

Feed the Mind, Feed the Body and the Hoaxes of Nutrition

The Feed the Mind, Feed the Body and the Hoaxes of Nutrition conference was held at the Israel Pavilion at Expo Milano on October 22. This conference was a fascinating look at the multiple aspects of nutrition in regards to marketing, marketing, health and physical exercise, and the relationship between them.

The event took off with a screening of a short film about KKL-JNF's 114 years of green action in Israel; from water management and conservation to the creation of 230 water reservoirs; from farming technology to feed more people with less resources, to sharing its knowledge with countries around the world in order to help increase quality of life for all, and much more.

The outgoing KKL Milano President, Silvio Tedeschi, described the EXPO experience, which is coming to a close, and expressed his satisfaction with the 18 events at the Israel pavilion put on by KKL Italy, that lead to an exchange of ideas and knowledge between people from different countries.

The moderator Michela Proietti, journalist from Corriere della Sera, introduced the guests: Professor Luca Bernardo, Head of the Children's Department at Fatebenefratelli Hospital, Gabrielle Fellus, G5 Krav Maga instructor, Gianfranco Quaglia, Director and journalist at Agromagazine and Manuela Pizzagalli, Head of Innovation Projects at Fondazione Politecnico Milano.

This was a team well built to cover the issue of nutrition under multiple aspects; Prof. Luca Bernardo, in his hospital children's department daily faces anorexia and overweight diseases and the relationship teenagers have with food. Gabrielle Fellus of G5 Krav Maga has been working with the Fatebenefratelli Hospital Children's Department for several years already to provide training in self defense, both physical and psychological, which helps to improve the self esteem of children and youth. Gabrielle Fellus can relate to teenagers who don't know how to channel their anger. "That can lead to the wrong nutrition", he said. "It’s not enough to make healthy food, we also have to be able to handle it ...Our mouth is the mirror of our soul”.

Gianfranco Quaglia of Agromagazine spoke about food forgery and about the constant work the NAS (Italian unit for food adulteration) carry out with the connected Mafia involvement. The “Italian Soundin”’, that is, the counterfeiting of the “made in Italy” label, is an issue that concerns with the entire world. Food forgery consists of the creation of poor quality products that imitate Italian ones, with low costs, very often made by Italian companies. These terrible foods have nothing to do with the original ones. What is worse is the difficulty in tracking the origin of the foods, and the fact that they are very often sent to schools cafeterias. Israel is one of the few countries in which forged food is not produced.

Manuela Pizzagalli, with her study group from Politecnico, deals with food packaging in order to warrant the product’s security. They study labels to track down the production chain, the changing colors of packaging when the food is deteriorated and point out when the “cold chain” is interrupted.

Packaging is becoming a new era for food security, which will enable us to know the origin of the product, its alterations, and even how to eat it in order to keep its nutritional features. It will be available through a code readable by a mobile phone.

The conference ended brilliantly with a practical display of some Krav Maga moves between Gabrielle Fellus and the journalist Michela Proietti.