Israel Pavilion in the Media

Israel Pavilion in the Media
The Israel Pavilion at EXPO 2015, which is co-sponsored by the Israeli Ministry for Foreign Affairs and KKL-JNF, opened in Milan on May 1st, 2015. Themed "Fields of Tomorrow", it displays Israel's achievements in agriculture, afforestation, society building and the development of sustainable technologies. Among the tens of thousands of visitors who have thronged to the Israel Pavilion have been journalists from prominent media outlets around the world, who relayed their impressions to their readers. A number of Italian journalists also had the opportunity to see Israel's technological and agricultural advancements for themselves on a trip to Israel with KKL-JNF in April of this year. The Pavilion has also received media coverage in Israel.

The Israel Pavilion in the Media:

  • Save the Water - Another Kind of Desert

    Vogue Italy / May 2015 / Federico Ferrario

    Computerized vertical fields and technologies for saving water. Israel, the only country in the world that has more trees than one hundred years ago, tells about the art of making the desert flourish.

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  • Israel at Expo: how we are transforming the desert into a garden

    Corriere della Sera (Italy) / 20.04.2015 / Paolo Foschini

    At the Tel Aviv Pavilion. A vertical field that uses technology to produce grain.

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  • A vertical field at the Israeli Pavilion. Gilon: "We want to share our know-how"

    adnKronos (Italy) / April 16, 2015

    From the creation of the "Super Wheat", the original wheat from biblical times, to the most modern technologies that have made the desert bloom.

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  • Israel at the Expo: See the fields that will prevent world hunger

    Yedioth Ahronot (Israel) / 08.04.2015 / Daniel Bettini

    At the World’s Fair, which will be opening in May in Milan, Israel will be presenting innovative agricultural technologies. Popular Israeli musician Ivri Lider has composed music that will be playing in the pavilion, and Israeli actress Moran Atias will be starring in the video greeting the visitors.

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