And the Winner is…

KKL EXPO Milano 2015. Trip winner Marta Frittella. Photo: courtesy of KKL Italy
Marta Frittella is the happy winner of a trip to Israel in the lottery that took place at the Israel pavilion at EXPO 2015 on October 29. The lottery prize is jointly sponsored by KKL-JNF and the Israel Ministry of Tourism.

Marta is a resident of the city of Terni, which is located about 100 kilometers north of Rome. She is 37, married and has two children. Marta is an environmental engineer in the Umbria region, and her hobbies include nature treks and plants.

Marta won an airplane ticket for two from Rome to Tel Aviv and back, and she will spend five days in a hotel either in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, depending on her choice. As a lover of nature, hikes and plants, she is sure to fully enjoy and appreciate the outings KKL-JNF will organize for her.

Win a Trip to Israel Countdown

Visitors to the Israel Pavilion at EXPO Milano have been entering a raffle held by KKL-JNF and the Israel Ministry of Tourism, exclusively for them.

The prize - a free trip to Israel.

Visitors were greeted by an interactive digital totem pole at the entrance to the Israel pavilion, where they were invited to sign up for the Win-a-trip raffle, subscribe to the KKL-JNF newsletter and register to participate in the planting of the EXPO Forest in Israel.     Over 60,000 visitors have signed up for the Win a Trip to Israel raffle ever since the pavilion's opening on May 1, 2015.

And now...the competition has drawn to a close... 

On Monday, October 26, KKL-JNF and the Israel Ministry of Tourism will be drawing the raffle in Milan.

One lucky winner among the 60,000+ entrants will have the privilege of embarking on a free trip to Israel with KKL-JNF and the Israeli tourism ministry, to finally experience the country that s/he has learned so much about at the Israel Pavilion at Expo Milano!
The winner will be announced at the Israel Pavilion in Milan on October 29, 2015, and will also be published on this site, so don't forget to check back in with us to find out who it is!