International - Sharing our Knowledge

Projects and Partners in Sharing our Knowledge

KKL-JNF has partners and friends worldwide who share its vision of advancing harmony between people and their environment in Israel and around the world. As Israel's largest green organization, it initiates projects that have both local and global impact. KKL-JNF offices in countries throughout the world serve as a bridge that creates a global network for protecting the environment and promoting projects in the fields of ecology, water, research and development, forestry, international cooperation, and more. Visitors to Israel from abroad often make a point of visiting projects funded by international friends of KKL-JNF, seeing for themselves how the world is in fact a global community.

We present just a few examples of KKL-JNF sponsored projects to assist other countries, undertaken with the support of its friends and partners worldwide.


Rwanda – Agahozo Shalom Youth Village

Switzerland, Australia

KKL-JNF established 50 beehives producing organic honey and provided training in honey farming. A nursery was created, which will become a center for implementing seed propagation methods and the seedling production of various crops.

Ethiopia – Seeds of Hope


A community vegetable seed project in collaboration with Fair Planet and Haramaya University for the benefit of smallholder farmers in the eastern part of Ethiopia helps improve crop yield, ensuring income and food security.

Kenya – Furrows in the Desert


The creation of sustainable community date palm farms in Turkana, Kenya using solar pump irrigation and Israeli-developed desert agriculture methods, in partnership with Brit Olam and the Arava Institute in order to increase economic independence, income and food security.

South Africa / India / Thailand - Gall Wasps Biological Control


Eucalyptus Forests are an important natural resource to countries around the world. IN 2000 there was an invasion of harmful wasps that caused severe damage to eucalyptus commercial forest plantations worldwide. KKL-JNF provided natural predators to many countries to assist in preventing the spread of damage.