Forestry - 240 Million Trees

Projects and Partners in Forestry

KKL-JNF has partners and friends worldwide who share its vision of advancing harmony between people and their environment in Israel and around the world. As Israel's largest green organization, it initiates projects that have both local and global impact. KKL-JNF offices in countries throughout the world serve as a bridge that creates a global network for protecting the environment and promoting projects in the fields of ecology, water, research and development, forestry, international cooperation, and more. Visitors to Israel from abroad often make a point of visiting projects funded by international friends of KKL-JNF, seeing for themselves how the world is in fact a global community.

We present just a few examples of KKL-JNF projects in forestry, undertaken with the support of its friends and partners worldwide.


Mt. Carmel Forest Rehabilitation


Following Israel's worst wildfire in 2010, KKL-JNF undertook a number of projects for the forest's restoration, including short and long-term landscape rehabilitation and future prevention. Mt. Carmel is the northern region's environmental jewel and of historic and spiritual significance to many faiths.

Savannization – Negev Planting to Prevent Desertification


Planting is one aspect of KKL-JNF's savannization project, which provides a restoration model for desertified areas in Israel as well as other arid land countries, creating a fertile desert while preserving its unique ecosystem.

Limans in the Negev

Brazil, Germany, Greece, Switzerland

These earthen micro-catchments, in which suitable tree species are planted, are an upgraded version of an ancient water harvesting technique used by the Nabateans, Negev inhabitants. In addition to collecting floodwater, limans combat desertification, encourage biological diversity, and more.

Yatir Forest


Yatir Forest, located in the arid northeastern Negev Desert is Israel's largest planted forest, and provides a variety of recreational experiences. The forest is famous for its archaeological sites and for its re-creation of ancient terrace farming.

Biriya Forest


Biriya Forest in the Eastern Galilee is one of the largest forests in Israel. The forest is a green lung and a major focus for recreation in nature, serving the growing local population. Forest roads and trails lead to a variety of archeological and historical sites, including the Biriya Fortress, fantastic panoramic views, springs, vegetation and wildlife, and several holy sites.

Ramot Menashe Park

Italy, United States, Australia, Canada

The park, located in the north of the country, is part of an area recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve and managed according to sustainable principles. Covering 8,000 hectares, it includes forests; a rehabilitated, accessible stream; an ecological agricultural farm for people with disabilities; walking and cycling trails and leisure and recreation areas.

Ben Shemen Forest – Mexico Park


Mexico Park in the heart of the Ben Shemen Forest in the center of Israel is a tranquil, enchanted spot in nature. Hundreds of thousands of people visit the park to enjoy active outdoor recreation, sporting and other events in nature – all in the most densely populated part of the country.