Ecology - Creating a Sustainable Israel

Projects and Partners in Ecology

KKL-JNF has partners and friends worldwide who share its vision of advancing harmony between people and their environment in Israel and around the world. As Israel's largest green organization, it initiates projects that have both local and global impact. KKL-JNF offices in countries throughout the world serve as a bridge that creates a global network for protecting the environment and promoting projects in the fields of ecology, water, research and development, forestry, international cooperation, and more. Visitors to Israel from abroad often make a point of visiting projects funded by international friends of KKL-JNF, seeing for themselves how the world is in fact a global community.

We present just a few examples of KKL-JNF projects in the fields of ecology, undertaken with the support of its friends and partners worldwide.


Creating a Greener World Together

Hula Valley Nature Reserve

Germany, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Israel, Netherlands

The Hula is a major world ecotourism site located in northern Israel at the heart of a migration route, where 500 million birds comprising hundreds of species rest and replenish every spring and autumn. Part of a wetland rehabilitation project, it is a model of the balance between conservation, tourism and agriculture, where birds and other wildlife, nature lovers and farmers integrate harmoniously.

Italy Park - Alexander River Park


A model river segment section of the river in the Sharon region has been rehabilitated, featuring the Turtle Bridge Complex, an ecological project. The stream bank has been transformed from a polluted waterway into a flourishing riparian habitat and its surroundings, an idyllic green park.

Yarkon River

Australia, United States, France

Israel's largest coastal river flows through its most densely populated area. Intensive rehabilitation of the Yarkon included rehabilitating its banks and creating a green recreational park with a walking trail, a rehabilitated historical site, constructed wetlands for further purification of effluents, and a bird observatory. 

Sataf – Environmental Education


On the outskirts of Jerusalem, traditional farming on terraced slopes is enjoying a revival. Jewish and Arab children maintain an orchard at the site, in the context of a unique educational project promoting coexistence and sustainability.

Green Landfill


One of Israel's largest and most modern landfills, Duda'im is located in the southern region and includes a youth education center for waste management awareness, providing a multidisciplinary approach to the study of ecology.

Sapir Park

Australia, United States, Netherlands

KKL-JNF created this unexpected oasis in the central Arava desert. Taking advantage of groundwater discovered at the site, KKL-JNF transformed it into a jewel of a lake with flora along its banks and shady picnic areas, attracting people from near and far.